Rehabilitation Certificates

A Certificate of Rehabilitation is a court certified document declaring that a person is now obeying the laws of the land and demonstrating good moral character. A Certificate of Rehabilitation is designed to restore civil and political rights of citizenship to ex-felons (and some misdemeanants) who have proved their rehabilitation. The court will decide whether the applicant has satisfied certain requirements entitling him or her to a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

A Certificate of Rehabilitation may end your obligation to register as a sex offender under California’s Megan’s Law. In some cases a person may meet the requirements to obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation, but still may not qualify to terminate obligations as a registered sex offender.

Subsequent good behavior or rehabilitation may be considered grounds for relief from sex offender registration requirements through the means of a Certificate of Rehabilitation and/or pardon. The trial court has discretion to grant or deny a petition for a Certificate of Rehabilitation for a defendant subject to a lifetime requirement to register as a sex offender.

Once a person has received a Certificate of Rehabilitation, he or she may not be denied a professional or business license solely based on his or her felony conviction.

A Certificate of Rehabilitation may preclude a party at trial from impeaching a person’s credibility by introducing the prior felony conviction.