Out of State

Out of State Visitors

Are you under investigation, were you arrested are you being prosecuted for any crime allegedly committed. While you were visiting California on business or Vacation. If so, you will need an Attorney who is familiar not only with the nuances of the law in California, but also with the prosecutors and Judges who will be reviewing and deciding your future.

Our office has the knowledge and experience to help you. We represent many clients, from other states and from many countries, who become entangled in a criminal matter while visiting California, but who must return to their home jurisdiction because of family or business obligations. Under there circumstances, it is all the more important that you retain the Law Offices of Joseph P. Smith to protect your legal rights and ensure the most favorable resolution of your case.


High Profile Cases

Do you have a high-profile job or position in our community?

Are you be investigated, have you been arrested, or are you being prosecuted, in a Court of Law? Is it for a type of crime that is particularly sensitive or embarrassing?

We have successfully represented many high-profile clients as well as those facing distressing charges, for many years. Along the way, we have always managed any attendant “media-push” with equal success (often by adopting the we try our cases in the courtroom, not the media approach).

Even if you don’t expect the paparazzi, our principles of discrete representation apply to the misdemeanor or felony crime(s) that have you researching the internet and winding up at our website.

Talking about discretion, after your arrest did you get postcards, brochures, or other “jail mail”? It’s relentless and invasive and WE DON’T DO IT! At the Law Offices of Joseph P. Smith, our clients seek us out, often as referrals from other satisfied clients. But we don’t tell you anything about their cases, nor vice versa. Instead, discretion is paramount. Our staff is trained to not even acknowledge that we represent someone! That decision is up to Mr. Smith. Your protection and privacy are the reasons we are hired.