Juvenille Criminal Cases

No parent wants to see their child marked for life with a criminal record. Even if a criminal record is not available to the public, the child will always feel the pain of a juvenile criminal conviction. Occasionally, a child deserves to be in the juvenile criminal justice system, but the system should not be allowed to inflict more punishment than the act warrants. It is equally true that a juvenile offender deserves a chance to correct their behavior.

Parents can feel helpless when their child is caught up in a criminal system that they do not understand. Our office can help parents and the child who has been accused. We know the juvenile justice system and if your child is in a detention center we can often obtain their quick release. If a detention hearing is scheduled, we can represent your child to ensure that they are released.

We will work to get juvenile convictions expunged from the court records if this is an appropriate action to take. We can also have a recent conviction record sealed.

We will help parents who are struggling with a juvenile delinquent understand the programs that are available to help the child who is headed down the wrong path.