Home Confinement

Home confinement most commonly is known as house arrest. It generally requires a person to be confined to his home for a certain period of time. There are various terms and allowances that may be connected with such a measure, including restriction of visitors and permission to report to school.

There are numerous reasons that home confinement is used. It can be a measure to reduce the overcrowding in prisons. Also, it can be used as a means to control and monitor a person who has not yet been convicted of a crime. It can also be used as a lenient alternative punishment.

Both adults and juveniles can be subjected to home confinement. The measure often is seen as a better alternative for juveniles than youth detention centers or adult correctional facilities. It allows the child an opportunity to reside with a family. The child may be permitted to leave home to report to school. In many cases, however, some form of home-schooling program is set up.

Adults sometimes are allowed to report to work. The terms are similar to those that are used with work-release programs in correctional facilities. The person usually is not allowed to make any stops between work and home.