Hit And Run


There are certain duties and obligations the law requires a person to perform when he or she is involved in a vehicle accident regardless of how or why the accident happened or who was at fault.
The crime of hit and run causing death or injury or property damage is committed when a person, while driving, was involved in a vehicle accident that cause the death, injury or property damage to someone else and the person knew that he or she had been involved in an accident that injured another person or caused property damage or knew from the nature of the accident that it was probable that another person had been injured or property had been damaged and the person willfully failed to perform one or more of the following duties:

  • To stop immediately at the scene of the accident.
  • To provide the other party or any police officer at the scene of the accident with the person’s identity (driver’s license or other forms of identification) and the current residence address and the registration number of the vehicle he or she was driving and the name and current residence address of the owner of the vehicle if the person is not the owner and the names and current residence address of any occupants of the person’s vehicle who were injured in the accident.  If it is just property damage, the driver may locate the owner or person in control of the damaged property and give that person the information or the driver may leave the requested information in  a written note in a conspicuous place, and the driver must then, without unnecessary delay notify the police department.
  • If it is an injury accident, to provide reasonable assistance to any person injured in the accident, and the driver must, without unnecessary delay, notify the police.

A person can also commit the crime of hit and run if that person owned and was riding as a passenger or a passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident and at the time of the accident, the person had full authority to direct and control the vehicle even though another person was driving the vehicle.
If the accident caused the person to be unconscious or disabled so that he or she was not capable of performing the duties required by law, then he or she did not have to perform those duties at that time.  However, he or she was required to do so as soon as reasonably possible.
This crime can be a felony or a misdemeanor.