Federal Criminal Cases

Federal criminal cases are very different than state criminal cases. The prosecutors in federal cases are better equipped to prosecute a case than state prosecutors are because they have more time to prepare charges and to prepare for trial. Generally, by the time a person has been charged with a federal crime, the prosecutor has been investigating the person and researching the applicable laws for weeks or months. This means that a defendant in a federal case requires the help of an attorney who knows the Federal Court system and how the federal prosecutors work.

Federal criminal cases are set for trial in a Federal Court before a Federal District Judge who is appointed by the President. Federal judges conduct a trial in a much different manner than state court judges do. The Federal Court Rules of Criminal Procedure are substantially different, and the rules of admitting evidence differs in many ways from those applied in state courts. Often, federal appellant court rulings have modified the criminal laws or certain criminal trial procedures, so an attorney must also know these rulings.

If you are under investigation or you have been charged with committing a crime under a federal law, you should hire an attorney who is experienced in representing people in federal criminal trials and one who knows the federal court procedures. It is important that a person not speak with federal investigators without an attorney present. Keep in mind that federal investigators and prosecutors are paid to win convictions and not to help defendants avoid conviction. We are the experts in protecting you against any violation of your rights in a federal criminal case.