False Accusations

False accusations of abuse can result in serious legal consequences for the party that is caught lying in connection with court proceedings.  The most serious consequence would be that the person would face perjury charges, as it is illegal to knowingly make false statements while under oath during court proceedings.  Perjury is actually a separate criminal charge that may be punishable by criminal fines and/or jail sentences.

Perjury may also include making false statements during depositions outside of court, or making false written representations in court documents.  Some jurisdictions have expanded perjury to include false statements that are made in any legal setting, not just those made during trial.

Other forms of false allegations of abuse may include:

  • Filing a false police report
  • Making false statements to a police officer or other law enforcement authority;
  • Obstruction of justice

These types of violations may also result in severe legal consequences, depending on state and local laws.

Finally, intentionally causing someone to commit perjury is called “subornation of perjury” and is also a criminal offense.  So, for example, forcing a witness to lie on the stand, or forcing a child to testify in support of a false claim can result in subornation charges.

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