DUI / DUI Marijuana

If you are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or another substance, which can cause you to be impaired, then you need to contact our office immediately. If you are accused of not driving with the characteristic caution of a sober driver, and the police officer believes that you are under the influence of Marijuana, then you will be charged with a DUI/Marijuana.

We can put forth a strong defense against both charges. Proving a DUI/Marijuana is very difficult since the science of DUI/Marijuana charges is not well established, and we can challenge the arrest on the basis of a lack of sufficient evidence.

Any evidence used to support the police officer’s charge of DUI must be handled in a manner prescribed by California law, and we will pursue the evidence handling to find any mishandling. We know the law and we know the prosecutors, and we can always determine whether there is a way to get the charge dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense.

A DUI or a DUI/Marijuana conviction will cause you more problems than you can imagine. The fines and costs will be a heavy financial burden, and the increase in your auto insurance premiums will be very high. You may have trouble keeping a job or finding a job because a conviction will be on every record about you. Your family will suffer because of the embarrassment and your loss of driving privileges.

We have the experience and knowledge to help you avoid the severe penalties of these charges.