Civil Cases

We will provide expert representation in all civil cases tried in any California court. We have extensive experience in cases involving small claims, tenant/landlord matters, family law and general matters tried in courts of record. Regardless of the nature of the civil case, we will provide aggressive representation to protect your income and your assets as well as your rights.

You should not assume that a lawsuit filed against you is a trivial matter. If you ignore a lawsuit, a default judgment can be rendered against you and damages awarded as the lawsuit claims you owe. We can often resolve lawsuits before trial, because we know the laws and the rules of evidence that the filing party must follow.

We can also represent you when you need to take legal action against a person or a business that has caused you irreparable harm or has caused you to loose money by fraud or other illegal means. We can recover your losses by pursuing the other party with a strong legal claim. We understand how each California court conducts legal proceedings, and we are very capable of working within the court systems to win a case that we initiate for you.

Family law cases are often hostile. We understand how to prevent a spouse from taking advantage of you in a divorce action. The California law on family issues is specific, but it does offer some latitude in child support and other financial matters. We will protect you from over zealous divorce attorneys who are representing your spouse.