CA Administrative Board & Diversion Control Case

Proceedings conducted by the California Administrative Boards are very similar to state court of record proceedings. However, these proceedings are more informal, and they are presided over by an Administrative Law Judge who hears evidence and listens to arguments about the applicable law. Testimony can be given by parties who are involved. Regardless of the informality, the results can be just as devastating as a decision in a civil case.

Your license, career, income and your future can be drastically affected by the decision of an Administrative Law Judge who rules against you. We are highly experienced in representing clients in professional licensing matters that are conducted in these hearings which can be complex and very difficult to work with. The health care profession is vulnerable to charges of illegal practices of a civil nature. We can advise health care professionals on actions they can take to protect their license and to prevent problems arising from misinterpreting the laws.

DEA Diversion Control cases involve complex issues, whichare handled by a Federal Administrative Law Judge in an administrative law hearing. DEA Diversion Control charges are becoming more frequent as the DEA attempts to restrict what it considers to be the unnecessary prescribing of narcotic pain control medicines. This includes taking action against pharmacies that are thought to be supplying pain medicines without the proper authorization. The DEA is more aggressive in pursuing these cases than ever before.

We can advise you on the actions you can take if you have been charged by the DEA or you believe you will be charged.