All Felonies

Unlike misdemeanors, felony convictions can result in a State Prison sentence, or up to a year in County Jail, and/or fines, fees, or programs. While county jail is run by the Sheriff, and family and friends can easily visit, state prison is run by the California Department of Corrections, and based on classification, the prisoner can serve his or her time anywhere in the state. Felony cases often have ENHANCEMENTS and ALLEGATIONS that can substantially increase the potential sentence.

In comparison to misdemeanors, felony cases also have a different procedural track, are often heard in different courtrooms, and are assigned to more experienced (and often more aggressive) prosecutors.

During his 30 years (and counting) experience in criminal law, Mr. Smith has handled thousands of felony cases, including:

Conviction of ANY of these offenses can have a harsh, life-long effect on you, your family and your loved ones. If you are being investigated for, have been arrested or have been charged with, a felony crime, it is important to have the best qualified attorney representing you as soon as possible. There is absolutely no time to waste. Calling an attorney who knows the laws will be the most important call you will make. The right attorney representing you will help make this hard time in your life easier on you and your loved ones, leaving all legalities to someone who is familiar with the laws and is qualified to do this for you.

At the Law Offices of Joseph P. Smith, we understand what you are going through. We also understand what your friends and loved ones are feeling. We treat each client on an individual basis with compassion and knowledge, going to work for you immediately to ensure the least penalty. You have no time to spare and you must make intelligent decisions. We are here to serve you and the people who matter in your life 24 hours a day. We can be of assistance to you in all areas of criminal defense. Mr. Smith is well qualified to hande EVERY felony offense that can be charged by a Prosecutor’s Office in California. Call now for a FREE, no obligation consultation.